Where resided

Countries in which I have resided (12)
Australia (Sydney)
Canada (Toronto)
France (Paris)
Nigeria (Lagos)
Peru (Lima)
South Africa (Cape Town)
Sweden (Uppsala)
Switzerland (Neuchâtel & Chamonix)
United Kingdom (Portrush, London & Camberley)
United States (Los Angeles & Miami)
Uruguay (Montevideo)
Venezuela (Caracas)


2 thoughts on “Where resided”

  1. Len,
    Just came across your Edwin Heath article. It brought back many (though somewhat hazy in places) memories of growing up in Belfast. In particular, when a group (pop/rock) that I played with opened for the great Edwin Heath’s show in various locations in the north of Ireland. Watching that show from the wings made a tremendous impression on me. In fact, in an attempt to impress my girlfriend, I invited her to come see us at the Edwin Heath show at the Grove Theatre on the Shore Road in Belfast. It must have worked to some degree as we were married for 48 years.

    I have been living in California since 1975 and treasure these memories.

    So glad that I found your articles.

    Brian McConville

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    1. Thanks so much for your comments, Brian. I really appreciate them. It was a magic era with the Irish Showbands, the Beatles and the plethora of groups that sprung up from nowhere. We are so lucky to have experienced it…


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